Glossary: RTRP

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RTRP stands for Registered Tax Return Preparer, a program/designation the IRS tried to get off the ground a few years ago. The RTRP program would have required unlicensed tax preparers to pass an open-book exam before they could prepare tax returns. The IRS ended up losing a court battle, and the RTRP program was shelved.

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The Jason Dinesen Plan for Preparer Regulation

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One accountant's opinion on how tax preparers should be regulated.

Yet Another Post About Regulation of Tax Preparers

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I haven't said anything about regulation of tax preparers in a long time, even though the IRS is now proposing a new, voluntary system for regulation of tax preparers, because my opposition to new designations has always been consistent. But there've been some posts about this on other tax blogs lately, and the National Association of [...]

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Am I a Hypocrite on Preparer Regulation?

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Here's something that's been bothering me: I oppose government regulation of tax preparers. There's a strong argument against more government intervention. And there's a high likelihood that the regulation would be a failure. And there's also a strong argument that Enrolled Agents would be hurt because we'd fall further to the fringes of the tax world. [...]

A Voluntary RTRP Designation?

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UPDATE 1/10/14: Robert Flach has responded to this post with his own post, which you can find here. In response to his question to me at the end of his post: (D)oes this post change your opinion in any way? And what about my idea for a 2-tiered program? I am opposed to the 2-tiered program. Any government-sponsored [...]