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Turning a Profit is Not a Bad Thing

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I always get sideways looks from people when I say this: turning a profit is not a bad thing. Yes, you’ll have to pay tax on that profit, and that stinks. And yes, of course you should deduct everything you possibly can. But when you show losses in a business venture, that means you spent more money than you brought in.

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From the Archives: Taxpayer’s Drag Racing Team is Not a Business

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Image courtesy of Pixabay.com This post from 2011 is quite popular. It's about a person in Minnesota who had a drag racing team which showed substantial losses each year. He took those losses as business deductions on his tax return, but the IRS and Tax Court said "no." The moral is: if you say [...]

Glossary: Hobby Loss Rules

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The hobby loss rules are important to know about, especially if you operate a side business.