Glossary: Draws

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In tax terminology, the term "draw" refers to money taken out of a sole proprietorship by the proprietor, or out of a partnership by a partner.

Choosing a Business Entity: What is Basis?

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What is basis? Basis in a business can be thought of as a person's stake in that business.

Glossary: Capital Gain/Capital Loss

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Glossary of tax terms: capital gain/capital loss

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No Form 8939 for Estates Yet

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(UPDATE 9/13/11: Form 8939 still has not been released, but the IRS has pushed back the filing deadline to January 17, 2012.  Click here for more info.) The IRS still hasn't released the new Form 8939 for estates created in 2010.  The form will be used to elect out of the estate tax for 2010 and to allocate [...]

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