Glossary: Form 1099-B

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Form 1099-B is a reporting form, in the 1099 series, used primarily to report the sale of stocks by a taxpayer.

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Glossary: OCBOA

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The abbreviation "OCBOA" stands for "other comprehensive basis of accounting." Simply stated, it means any basis of accounting -- the method in which a business keeps its books -- other than GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles).

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Glossary: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

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The term GAAP, or "generally accepted accounting principles," refers to a set of accounting policies and procedures used in the formal compilation of financial statements. Some part of GAAP come from formal accounting standards from various boards and agencies, and some come from industry standards.

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Glossary: 1099

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In the tax world, the term "1099" refers to a series of reporting forms issued to recipients of certain types of income.

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Glossary: Bonus Depreciation

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Bonus depreciation, in tax terms, refers to an accelerated form of depreciation available on certain types of assets.

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