Glossary: RTRP

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RTRP stands for Registered Tax Return Preparer, a program/designation the IRS tried to get off the ground a few years ago. The RTRP program would have required unlicensed tax preparers to pass an open-book exam before they could prepare tax returns. The IRS ended up losing a court battle, and the RTRP program was shelved.

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Glossary: Cost of Goods Sold

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Cost of goods sold refers to a deduction from gross income for the cost of producing or acquiring items sold by a business.

Glossary: Iowa Form 130

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Form 130 is an Iowa income tax form used by taxpayers who live in Iowa and who had income taxed by another state.

Glossary: Sales Tax

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Sales tax refers to a tax levied by a state on the sale of certain goods and services. Different states have different tax rates and different rules on what is subject to sales tax.

Glossary: Net Operating Loss

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When business losses exceed business income, a net operating loss may exist.