Things Tax Preparers Say: “S-Corp Reasonable Comp is 25% of Your Gross Income”

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S-corporation reasonable compensation is one of the most misunderstood concepts in tax law. And that's saying something, considering how mind-numbing U.S. tax laws are.

Glossary: Intangible Asset

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One way of looking at intangibles is, they are business assets that cannot be physically touched.

Proper Documentation of Charitable Contributions

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Questions often arise about how to properly document charitable contributions. Here’s a brief overview.

How to Calculate Estimated Tax Payments

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A common question from business owners is, how and when do I calculate quarterly estimated tax payments?

Getting Your Business Off to a Good Start, Part 7: Operating in Other States

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The biggest question to answer when it comes to operating in other states is to determine if you’re “doing business” in another state. In general, if you’re “on the ground” in another state providing a service or selling your product, you probably have a business presence in that state.