Glossary: Lifetime Learning Credit

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The Lifetime Learning Credit is a tax credit available for taxpayers who pay college expenses. This credit is similar to the American Opportunity Credit, but there are some key difference

Iowa Tuition and Textbook Credit: Dealing with Private School Expenses

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Iowa offers a tax credit called the "tuition and textbook credit" for expenses relating to dependents who are in grades K-12. What about if you send your kids to a private school that teaches religious doctrines?

The 4 Choices a Small Business Owner Has When Their Business is No Longer a Side Business

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Many of the business clients I work with are either side businesses, or side businesses that are turning into "real" businesses. I've written before about the struggle of taking a side business and turning it into something more. Today, I'm going to write about the choices a business owner has with their side business when they [...]

Allocating Estimated Payments for Taxable Refund Calculations

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When a taxpayer receives a refund of state income taxes, and the taxpayer took a deduction on their federal tax return, and some of the payments made to the state were estimated payments that may have been made in a different calendar year ... well, it can require some math to determine the taxable refund and the deductible portion of the estimated payment.

Glossary: Revenue Procedure

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In tax terms, a revenue procedure is IRS guidance on how taxpayers should comply with certain laws and regulations.