Governor Branstad has issued an order that forbids state workers from claiming reimbursement for meal expenses unless the worker is away from home overnight.  Radio Iowa has more:

David Roederer, the governor’s budget director, says the old rule allowed a state employee to be reimbursed for lunch if they ate outside the county in which their office was located.

“So if somebody were in Des Moines and went down to Indianola, just a few miles south, and it was over lunch time, since they were in different counties, then the state would reimburse them for that meal,” Roederer says. “What the new policy is is that you must be on a trip that at least requires one overnight before you would be reimbursed for a lunch.”

The new policy on lunch reimbursement is “standard practice” in most private companies, according to Roederer. “We’re estimating that it could save the state taxpayers up to $1 million a year,” Roederer says.

You can find the full Radio Iowa story here.

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