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Sometimes I wish I could just prepare 1040-EZs all day from January through April. Charge $40 per return, hammer them out in five minutes as people sit in front of me, collect my money, and move onto the next in line.

And when April 15th arrives, I’m done.

There would be no bookkeeping clients to deal with.

No payroll clients to deal with.

No “hair-on-fire” moments with business clients.

No business clients complaining that I’m not being proactive enough.

No 990s to try and get filed in the summer months for not-for-profits.

No need to pay thousands of dollars for software.

No worries about tax credits or arguments with clients over whether they can take some deduction they think they should be able to take. A 1040-EZ is a return without tax credits or any deductions other than personal exemptions and the standard deduction.

The yearly changes in tax law don’t much affect people who file 1040-EZs. This would mean less stress and headaches trying to keep up with law changes.

Sometimes I wish I could just prepare 1040-EZs.


But not really.


Truth be told, I like the more-complicated returns the best. They present a challenge. A puzzle to solve.

I’d go stir crazy just doing 1040-EZs.

But sometimes, I wish I could just prepare 1040-EZs.

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