Con artists are using e-mail seemingly more than ever this year, at least in my anecdotal experience. And it seems like tax pros are being targeted now, too.

I’ve gotten multiple e-mails from people claiming that they’ve sent me their documents for me to prepare their tax return. All I have to do is click a link! Of course, none of these people are actually clients of mine.

Here’s an example of a scam e-mail I received last week.

Scam Email

And taxpayers are getting spammed constantly with scam e-mails. Here’s just the latest example:

Scam Email 2

The best advice I can give to taxpayers about this is:

  1. The IRS never sends e-mails to you about ANYTHING
  2. The IRS will never call you, nor will they text you
  3. If the IRS has a problem with your tax filing, or they think you owe them money, they will send you a letter in the mail
  4. If in doubt about something the IRS sends you, consult with your tax professional

“This blog post, along with comments that may follow, should not be considered tax advice. Before you make final tax or financial decisions, please secure a professional tax advisor to give you advice about your unique situation. To secure Jason as your accountant, please click on the ‘Services’ link at the top of the page.”