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Image courtesy of user Nemo on

This is an excerpt from a presentation I give to college students and to prospective entrepreneurs about types of business entities.

A college professor (who’s also an attorney) told me that my presentation on this subject is the best, clearest and most-concise overview of the topic that she’s ever seen.

I’m flattered by the compliment, and will try to translate those positives into a series of blog posts.


This series on choosing a business entity started last June and covered 10 parts, finally wrapping up last week.

Since the parts are so spread out, here’s a listing, with links, of all the parts in this series.

Part 1: Introduction and Basic Terminology

Part 2: Sole Proprietorships

Part 3: Partnerships

Part 4: What is Basis?

Part 5: Defining S-Corporation and C-Corporation

Part 6: C-Corporations

Part 7: S-Corporations

Part 8: S-Corporation Salary Issues

Part 9: LLCs

Part 10: How Do You Decide?

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