This third and final installment of my “Understanding Your W-2” series will look at Boxes 14-20 of Form W-2.

 Box 14 (Other):  This box could report any number of items.  For same-sex couples in Iowa, this box will report the amount of income reported in Box 1 for including a same-sex partner on health insurance.  This box can also report the amount of contributions made to IPERS, amounts paid for union dues, or the amount of employer-provided tuition existence.

 Boxes 15-17:  These boxes report information to the state.  Box 15 shows the state, and the state identification number of your employer; Box 16 shows the amount of taxable state wages earned; and Box 17 shows the amount of state income tax withheld during the year.

Boxes 18-20:  If your city or county imposes an income tax, that information will be reported here.  These boxes are not applicable to Iowans.

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