ID-10011950Here’s a countdown of the top-5 most-popular stories of 2012 on this blog:

#5: “Take the Money and Run? The Tax Consequences of Winning a Home in a Giveaway, Part 2”

I started this series on the tax consequences of winning the HGTV “Dream Home” with good intentions. But it kind of turned into a train wreck, as I kept thinking of new tax consequences (such as Section 469, short-term rental rules, etc.), resulting in numerous re-writes and clarifications. I think the series ended up being a string of 6 disjointed blog posts. It was a fun undertaking, but didn’t go quite as I had planned.

Take the Money and Run? The Tax Consequences of Winning a Home in a Giveaway, Part 2

#4: “What to Do with that 1099-K”

I published a few little stories about Form 1099-K in early 2012, and suddenly a ton of people came out of the woodwork, e-mailing me with questions. None of those people intended to pay me for my time to respond to their e-mail. All of them wrote way, way too much detail about their situation, and expected that I would reply with the answer to all their problems.

It made me regret writing anything about 1099-K! At any rate, here’s one of my 1099-K stories, which was the 4th-most-popular story on this website this year:

What to Do with that 1099-K

#3: “Small Business Wednesday — Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation for 2012”

In late 2011, I started a series called “Small Business Wednesday,” where I intended to write about tax issues of small businesses every Wednesday. I quickly abandoned Small Business Wednesday, but this story lingers on:

Small Business Wednesday — Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation for 2012

#2: “Will Obamacare Tax Your Home Sale?”

Not surprising that this was a popular story. (And the answer is, “no, it won’t, in most cases.”)

Will Obamacare Tax Your Home Sale?

#1: “Is Section 179 for 2012 $125,000 or $139,000?”

This is the runaway winner of most-popular story on The Dinesen Tax Times this year. In fact, this story ended up with three-times as many hits as the Obamacare story! Wow!

Is Section 179 for 2012 4125,000 or $139,000?

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