I am working on a reference guide regarding the tax complications of same-sex marriage and other “non-traditional” relationships (such as two opposite-sex unmarried people sharing a life together, grandparents raising grandkids, etc.).

I envision this as taking shape in three different ways:

  • A formal desk reference guide for accountants, similar to the PPC desk reference guides.
  • A condensed version of the desk reference, similar to Quickfinder or The Tax Book.
  • A continuing education seminar for accountants.

I am interested in hearing from tax professionals about what topics you would like to see me cover. Feel free to e-mail me at dinesentax@gmail.com. I’m not sure of the timeline on when these pieces will take shape, but this is my “summer and fall” project.

“This blog post, along with comments that may follow, should not be considered tax advice. Before you make final tax or financial decisions, please secure a professional tax advisor to give you advice about your unique situation. To secure Jason as your accountant, please click on the ‘Services’ link at the top of the page.”