Now that tax season is over, a  few things will be changing on this website. For those who care, here’s a summary:

No More “Ask Jason” Segments

“Ask Jason” had a nice run, but I am retiring it, effective with the April 13th edition. There are better websites out there for Q & A from web visitors. Such websites include and Tax Girl.

New Name to Blog

People sometimes ask where the name “Dinesen Tax Times” came from. I wish it was a dramatic story, but alas, it has humble beginnings.

In 2009, when my firm was in its infancy, I decided to publish a newsletter for my clients. My wife helped with the layout and design and we self-published it. (I only had 3 clients in 2009, so “publishing” wasn’t too difficult of a task.)

The name we came up with for this little newsletter was “Dinesen Tax Times.” When I launched my first website — a hideous, self-designed free Google website — I carried over the  name.

But now it’s time to change the name on the website to something else. I don’t know what I will change it to, yet. Perhaps something boring like “The Jason Dinesen Tax Blog.” I don’t know yet.

I want to make this change so that web visitors more clearly understand that this is not an online newspaper and I am not a journalist who they should e-mail with their life story about why the receipt of a 1099-K is such a hardship. I want it to be clear that I am a practicing accountant.

Slightly Different Content Focus

The type and tone of the content will be changing, although not in a huge way. You will find less of the “how-to” stories and more stories dealing with my specialties. You already get a flavor of that with my stories every Monday about gay marriage and taxes. I have also been asked to provide more commentary, so expect an uptick in me giving my opinions.

Thanks to everyone who visits my site. If you have a particular topic you would like me to blog about, feel free to contact me.

“This blog post, along with comments that may follow, should not be considered tax advice. Before you make final tax or financial decisions, please secure a professional tax advisor to give you advice about your unique situation. To secure Jason as your accountant, please click on the ‘Services’ link at the top of the page.”