This story about same-sex marriage in New York was the 7th-most-popular story of the year at The Dinesen Tax Times. It was first published on June 28, and was updated in early August after the New York Department of Revenue issued additional guidance. The article is reprinted in its entirety below:

Tax Implications of Same-Sex Marriage in New York (originally published 6/28/11)

With last week’s vote by the New York legislature to allow same-sex marriages to be conducted in the state, the New York Department of Revenue says it is working on providing updated guidance to same-sex married couples that will allow those couples to file joint New York tax returns.

Even though New York has recognized outside same-sex marriages for several years, it has never allowed same-sex couples to file joint tax returns.  According to WNYC Radio out of New York, the New York Department of Revenue will be changing its stance on the issue.

You can visit the WNYC “Twelve O’Clock Tuesdays” chat page for a full discussion of all the issues surrounding gay marriage in New York, including tax issues.

Professor Pat Cain, who has been a great resource for me in conducting research into same-sex tax issues, posted on Saturday about New York needing to update its guidance.

UPDATE 8/2/11:  The New York Department of Revenue has released updated guidance.  Click here for more information.

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